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Physical and Psychological Benefit of Massage Therapy 

Massage is a therapy that when applied with skill and care precipitate many beneficial changes within the body, mind and spirit.

.Enhance immunity by stimulating lymph flow.

.Lessen depression and anxiety.
.Pump oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs, improving circulation.

.Relax and soften injured, tired and overused muscles.

.Significantly reduce your risk of diabetes, hypertension, and cholesterol problems, reducing your dependence on medications.

Foot Reflexology

Foot massage is dynamic healing process that is based on the principles of Reflexology, linking the reflex zones on the feet or organ and system in the body. Pressure is applied to various zones on the feet using the thumbs, fingers and palms to induce relief from pain, illness and stress. Combined with essential cream or oil, foot massage is particularly beneficial for the relief of tension, headaches, poor circulation and a sluggish digestive system.
Anti-Stress and Pain Relieving Whole Body Massage 

A full-body blending spot/pressure point treatment, acupressure massage and deep tissue massage to stimulate the circulatory system, oxygen/energy flow and metabolism. It is perfect way to quick relax your muscle and relieve pain/stress from neck, back, shoulder, low back, legs, arms, head, face, and hands.

You can enjoy a feeling of deep relaxation on the target spots of your choice.
Facial Massage

​This massage energizes facial and head, combines pressure point techniques to relieve tension in the facial muscle and in head, eyes, puffing, insomnia, chronic, headaches, migraines, and sinusiti